“I Just Found Out that I am Pregnant.”
* Prenatal care is the care you get while you are pregnant. This care can be provided by a doctor, midwife or other health care professional.  

* All mothers-to-be benefit from  prenatal care. Women who see a health care provider regularly during pregnancy have healthier babies, are less likely to deliver prematurely, and are less likely to have other serious problems related to pregnancy. 

* Prenatal care involves the mother caring for herself by following her health care provider’s advice, practicing good nutrition, getting plenty of rest, exercising sensibly, and avoiding anything that could harm her or the growing baby.

* The typical full-term pregnancy lasts between 39 and 40 weeks, or roughly a little over 9 months.

** Click here to determine YOUR due date: 

What to Expect During the first visit:
    The doctor will ask you many questions in order to determine any specific needs you may have during pregnancy.  The doctor will also:

- take note of your weight
- take your blood pressure
- take a urine sample to test for any infections.
- do a physical and pelvic exam
- determine your baby’s due date
If you are unsure of where to go for prenatal care, here are some links to programs that can give you information for low to no cost prenatal and health care: