Reading Materials Specifications


Poster board 22x28

2 1/2" x 2" (small reading and picture cards, grammar cards)
4" x 11" (pink, blue & green word lists)
1 1/2" x 6" sentence strips for use with 4"x6" photos or picture cards
12" x 9" (pink and blue picture charts)
3" x 8" (green phonogram family lists)

Colors: Pink (2 - 3 letter phonetic pictures and reading cards)
Pastel Blue (4 or more letter phonetic pictures and reading cards)
Apple Green (phonograms)
Black (noun cards)
Royal Blue (adjective cards)
Red (verb cards)

Decorative papers (opaque gift wrap) for secret boxes 31/2" x 3 1/2"


School Slant: 36 point bold (reading cards & books)
48 point bold for large words lists

NOTE: The only time red ink is used is for the large green phonogram word lists. For the phonogram reading cards and phonogram family lists use only black ink.

Handwriting (secret boxes) :

Use fine point Flair or Pentel pen.
Lightly pencil 4 lines, approximately 1 cm apart. Letters like a , m, o, are written on center two lines. Letters extending above or below continue to top or bottom line. The top part of ""t" comes up only 1/2 way.


Phonetic Reading Books
11"x 4 1/4" Fold in half. Mount pictures on left, phrase or sentence on right.

Schoolbook slant font. Use no capital letters or periods for phrase books (unless you're using a proper noun). Use correct punctuation for sentence books and story books.

Storybook size can be a larger format.