EXERCISE 2: Lists of words containing one phonogram.



Lists of words containing one phonogram, written on green cards . The rest of the word is phonetic. Here, words may be used that are not nouns. The words on the lists are written larger (lines approximately 1/2" apart) because they are hung on the wall. The phonogram is written in red on the word lists only.
A picture of a short word containing the phonogram is placed at the top of the list with the word beside it. For the long "y" phonogram, for example, "fly" could be used. Other words on the list might include: dry, cry, reply, typist, supply, my and deny.



After the child has been introduced to a phonogram with the phonogram boxes, as in Exercise 1, she will enjoy reading the corresponding phonogram word list. The teacher tells the child that the picture by the first word is a clue to the pronunciation of the phonogram. In this case, the letter in red is pronounced like "y" is "fly". The child reads the words.
She may choose to work with any list she likes.
Children enjoy copying these, using a red pencil for the phonograms.