Adjective Cards with Farm 1



The teacher has the child lay out the objects from the farm on a table in an order he chooses. The teacher then shows him how to take the "a" and "the" cards out of the box and place the heading card at the top left of the table. Next, the other set of the blue adjective cards is taken out and the gray heading card is placed to the right of the first gray card. The last set, the black nouns, is then taken and the heading card is placed to the right of the other gray heading card. The child then places the noun cards underneath the appropriate object. He then reads an adjective card and places it to the left of any noun card he prefers. The child also chooses an "a" or "the" card and puts it to the left of the adjective card. If two children get into a disagreement over which adjective card to use, show them that more than one adjective card can be used. They both can be right. For example, if one child wanted to say, "The big man," and the other child wanted to say, "The strong man," they could use both adjectives and say, "The big strong man."