Sandpaper Letters - First Period


The child washes her hands in warm water so that they are at normal temperature and sensitive to touch. The letters will also be kept clean.
The teacher takes two letters that contrast in shape and sound, e.g., "t" and "s." She sits beside the child.
The Three Period Lesson is used when presenting the Sandpaper Letters. The complete lesson includes all three periods and the summary and is given at one time. In the First Period, the teacher tells the child the sounds and has the child feel the letter. In the Second Period, the teacher checks to see that the child has associated the correct sound with each letter. In the Third Period, the teacher asks the child to give the sound of each letter. In the summary, the teacher gives the child examples of the sounds used in different parts of words.

First Period:

The teacher places a letter in front of the child and asks her to watch. The teacher then traces the letter lightly several times, in the direction in which it is written, using the first two fingers of her dominant hand. She repeats the phonetic sound of the letter while feeling it. Next, she gives the letter to the child and asks her to feel it in the same way. While the child feels it, the teacher continues repeating the sound. She does not ask the child to say the sound, but if the child copies her, it is all right. She encourages the child to feel the letter many times.

She makes sure that she traces it in the direction in which it is written. She repeats the process with the second letter. This can be repeated as often as necessary for the child being taught.