Verb Cards with Actions


A red box labeled VERB containing cards of phonetic verbs. The verbs can be actions that will be acted out by the children like the words: wink, skip, clap, sing, dust, bend, sit, stand, drink, kiss, run, jump, hop.
Do not use pictures for verbs such as jump or sit. The child will then get verbs confused with nouns.



The teacher shows the child the red box and the cards. The teacher tells the child that all the words on red cards are verbs. The teacher does not attempt to explain verbs or define them. The teacher then has the child read a card and do the action. The child then puts the card in the lid of the box and takes another card to act.


A child takes the box, reads the word on a card and acts out what it says. For example, "Sit." So the child goes to a chair or the floor and sits. When the child is finished with one card, he puts it in the lid of the box and reads the next card. The child reads all the cards and acts out each verb.


Reading with comprehension, clarifying words, beginning of acting.

Verb Cards with Phonetic Farm