The child is shown how to hold the pitcher of rice (lentils) with the lip just over the empty pitcher. She is told not to let the pitchers touch each other when she is pouring (the lips of the pitchers might get chipped). She is shown how to slowly tilt the pitcher she is holding until the rice (lentils) pours into the empty pitcher. She practices pouring from one pitcher to another.
Point of Interest: Not to spill when pouring.
Subsequent Exercises
1. When the child is able to pour solids without spilling, she can pour water from one pitcher to another.
2. A tray with a pitcher of liquid and a bottle or container with a small neck plus a funnel. The child is shown how to pour liquid down the funnel until the bottle or container is full.
3. Pouring liquid into cups or glasses. The child has two or three cups or glasses on a tray and practices pouring liquid into each without spilling or overfilling.
4. The child can practice pouring, using a large jug or bottle. The teacher shows him how to hold the jug by the handle with his dominant hand and support the bottom of the jug with the other hand when pouring.
5. When she can pour successfully, she can serve water, milk or juice to the children at lunch time.
In all these exercises, the lip of the pitcher must be just over and above the vessel into which the liquid is to be poured. The pitcher and the vessel must not touch.

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