Number Games

These games are played with children who understand quantity to ten and know the numerals to ten.  When children have reached a certain point, they enjoy practicing and showing off what they know.  It is important that they enjoy these games, and that everyone feels a success.  There is no need to make children take turns.  If one child wants to be first, let him be first, and if one child wants many turns, he can have many turns.  A skillful teacher will still be able to see that everyone has a chance to shine.  Should anyone complain that "John" is always wanting turns, the teacher can say with approval, "I know he does.  He just loves numbers!"
Game 1 - Children are asked to do various things a certain number of times.  For example, "John, would you like to stamp your feet three times?"  "Ann, you clap six times."  "Jim, knock on the table four times."  "Elizabeth, come and give me two kisses. Big ones!"  "Tim, clap zero times."

Game 2 - Fifty five identical objects (beads, shells, small stones, nuts) are put on one of the tables.  The numbers 0 to 10 are written on separate papers and folded up in a box.  Each child draws a slip, opens it, and reads his number without saying what it is.  He next goes to the table and collects that number of objects.  Each child returns to the teacher and places his numeral and the objects he has collected on her table.