Counting 10-99 with Quantities and Numerals



4 years and older


To build quantities and numerals in sequence to 99.  This is the final stage in learning how to count.


The material is taken to the floor mat and arranged as usual.  The teacher asks the child to put one ten bar by the numeral 10.  (She shows him to make the quantities to the left of the numerals.  This is because the cards 1 to 9 will be slipped over the 0 in turn which is done from the right.  The quantities would be in the way, if they were on the right.)
The teacher shows the child to make 11 by placing a unit bead to the right of the ten bar.  She then takes the "1" card and slips it over the 0 saying, "Ten and one is eleven so we write eleven, one 10 and 1."  The teacher now shows the child to make 12 by adding a second unit.  She removes the "1" card, turning it upside down on the mat.  She slips the "2" card over the 0 of the ten saying, "10 and 2 are twelve, so we write twelve with a 10 and 2."
The teacher and child continue to build the quantities and the corresponding numerals to 19.  The unit cards are stacked upside down when done.  The teacher now indicates the quantity, saying, "Nineteen. Ten and nine are nineteen.  We have one ten and nine units.  If we had one more unit we would have ten units, then we would have two tens.  Let us take away the units and put a ten bar in their place.  We now have two ten bars, which are twenty.  We must move them next to the numeral 20."  This is done.  The stack of unit cards are turned the right way up.  The quantities and corresponding numerals are built in this way through the twenties, thirties, etc. to 99.  At any point the child can continue alone if the teacher feels he has understood the exercise.