Quantities and Numerals 11-99

Exercise 3




To associate the quantities with the numerals 11 to 19


4 years and older



The boards are arranged on the floor mat.  The teacher and child are next to each other, facing the boards.  The teacher puts a ten bar to the right of the first 10 on the board.  On the right of the ten bar the teacher puts the colored "1" bead bar.  She says, "Ten and one are eleven."  She gets the child to count the beads.  The teacher takes the numeral "1".  She slips it over the zero of the first 10 on the board saying, "Ten and one are eleven.  This is the way we write 11."  The teacher asks the child to put a ten bar next to the second 10 on the board.  When she has done so, she asks him to put the colored "2" bead bar to the right of the 10 to make 12.  When she has done this, she gets him to count the bead bars to 12.  She then asks him to make the numeral 12.  He does this by slipping "2" over the zero of the second 10 on the board.  The child is helped to build first the quantities and then the numerals in sequence to 12.




As soon as the child has understood the exercise the teacher leaves him to work alone. The child counts each quantity after se has made it.  The material is always available for the child to use whenever he likes.