Number Rods and Numerals - Exercise 1


The number rods.  White cards with the numerals 1 to 10 in black.  Dark green floor mat.


To associate the numerals 1 to 10 with the actual quantities.  To see the numerals 1 to 10 in sequence.


4 years and older


This is an exercise for 3 or 4 children who are all at the same stage.  The rods are arranged on the floor mat in mixed order, but parallel to each other, with red segments on the left.  The cards are laid out in mixed order on the table.  The children must see the cards the right way up.


The teacher picks up a rod, for example, the "six" rod.  She shows it to the children and asks, "Who knows how much this is?"  If a child says, "Six", the teacher replies, "Yes, can you count it?"  When the child has counted the rod, the teacher then says, "Who can find the numeral 6?" When one of the children has found the numeral she takes the card from him, and showing the rod says, "This is six." Showing the numeral she says, "This is the way we write six, so we will put them together."  She lays the rod on the mat and places the numeral against the sixth section. The exercise continues in this way until every rod has the appropriate numeral against it.

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