The Insets for Design



1. This exercise prepares the hand for writing. The child gains control of a pencil through an enjoyable exercise. It is an excellent exercise for older children who write badly. They acquire skill and pencil control while enjoying the work.
2. Art work. Color schemes. The understanding of geometrical designs and symmetry.
3. Mathematics.


The teacher takes one frame, a piece of colored paper and two different colored pencils to the child's table. She sits beside him. The teacher places the frame exactly over the square of paper, showing the child that no paper can be seen around the edge of the frame. She takes one pencil and draws around the shape. She removes the frame and lets the child look at the drawn shape. She changes for the second pencil. She fills in a small part of the drawing with light straight parallel lines that go exactly from one side of the drawing to the other.

She makes her lines so close together that no paper can be seen between the lines. The teacher then gives the child the pencil and invites her to try. She makes sure that the child holds the pencil correctly and attempts to color as shown. If the child has any difficulty, she demonstrates the coloring or pencil work. When the child understands what she should do, the teacher leaves her to work alone.

The child can choose her own colored paper and pencils. She can take any frame she likes and practice the exercise.