Phonograms (Exercise 5)

5. Small Movable Alphabets.

Two partitioned boxes, each with a different colored set of small cut out letters. The letters are arranged in alphabetical order in the boxes. Phonogram boxes of picture and word cards are also used in the following exercise.


The teacher takes one box of phonogram picture and word cards to the child's table. She takes out the picture cards, leaving the word cards in the box. The teacher sets out one picture card and shows the child how to build it, using the small movable alphabets. One color is used for the phonogram and the other color is used for the rest of the word.

Having built the words, the child can take the word cards out of the box and use them to check her work.
A child who does not have much confidence can put the word cards under the pictures before she begins. She can then copy the words using the small movable alphabets.