Beginning Phonetic Reading Presentation (Pink Level)


Take a box of objects and set it beside the child. Place the objects in a row in front of him, naming them as you do so. Give him one of the word cards and tell him it is the name of one of the objects.
Ask him to say the sounds of the letters. When he does so, ask him to say them faster and faster and he will hear what the word is. The child should say the letters so fast that they fuse to make a word. The teacher can join in to help if necessary.
The word is placed under the appropriate object, and the next card is read in this way. The teacher continues to help the child until he understands the process and can manage alone.

Exercise 1:

The child helps herself to one of the boxes of objects, reads the words and matches them to the objects. When done, the child can choose another box.

Exercise 2:

The child helps herself to boxes of pictures. She reads the words and matches them to the pictures.

Exercise 3:

The child helps herself to a large card containing six pictures. She takes the word cards from the envelope and reads the words and places them under the appropriate pictures.

Exercise 4:

The child helps herself to a "Secret Box." She opens the box, places the lid behind the box. She takes a slip of folded paper, opens it, reads the word and places it in the lid of the box. She continues in this way until all the words in the box have been read.

Exercise 5:

The child helps herself to a word list and reads the words.
The teacher shows the child each exercise over time on different days. She gives her any help she may need. The aim is to give the child a variety of work of the same style to maintain her interest. If a child has difficulty with reading, or if she does not show an interest in reading, the teacher must give her extra help each day. She must do all she can to arouse her interest and make her feel that she can do the work. All the children in the class must be helped to enjoy reading. No child can be educated unless she can read. As most children read enthusiastically on their own, given a reading material they understand, there is time to give a little individual help each day to the few children who need this before they get started.