Developing Intelligence
Image of classroom

Introductory Course in the Montessori Approach to Education

Perceptual Development

            Introductory Talk on the Needs of the Baby and Young Child
            How to Give a Lesson

    The Visual Sense
        Study of Dimension
            Introduction to Dimension through the Knobbed Cylinders
            Further Study of Size through the Pink Tower, Broad Stair, and Long Rods
            Advanced Study of Size through the Knobless Cylinders
        Study of Color
            Criteria for Quality Educational Materials
            Introduction of Color through the Color Tablets
            Introducing Terminology with the use of the Three Period Lesson
        Study of Shape
            Introduction to Shape through the Geometric Cabinet
            Study of the Representation of Shape Through the Geometric Cards
            Study of the use of Shape in Tessellation
            Study of Geometric Solids

    The Sense of Touch
        Activities for Refining the Sense of Touch
        The Stereognostic Sense

    The Auditory Sense
        Activities for Developing Awareness of Differences in Sound through the Sound Cylinders

    Study of Pattern as a Preparation for Math
        The Binomial Cube
        The Trinomial Cube

Practical Life
    Overview of Practical Life
    Dressing Frames
    Walking the Line
    The Silence Lesson

The Classroom
    Setting up and Organizing the Classroom
    Starting the Year