Seed Collage

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materials needed:

seeds of various types

strong white glue

old paintbrushes, or cotton swabs.

seed containers


strong cardboard




1. Collect seeds and keep them in separate containers.

2. Pick up the seeds, daub glue on one side, and press them on paper. Smaller seeds can be picked up with tweezers.

Exercise 1:

Paste down rows of seeds, possibly a nice large seed like a pumpkin, all going the same way. In the next row, perhaps use sunflower seeds.  Continue until you’ve used a variety of seeds.

Exercise 2:

  1. 1.Make circles with seeds and fill them in, working symmetrically

  2. 2.Make flower shapes and patterns. Begin in the middle and work out or begin with outline and fill in.

Exercise 3:

Draw a design or simple picture, and fill it in with seeds.

Try combinations of color, shape and size.

Variations:  These same exercises can be done with other materials such as: shells, rocks, etc.