Montessori World Educational Institute
Montessori World Educational Institute
Margaret Homfray
Miss Homfray first studied with Dr. Montessori in London in 1929.  She then proceeded on to Italy to take the International course offerred by Dr. Montessori in Rome.  In Rome Miss Homfray worked with Edna Andriano and Phoebe Child to transcribe and translate lectures into English for the English speaking students. 
Miss Homfay then remained in contact with Dr. Montessori through the 1930s, attending conferences and working to set up a Montessori Center in London.  After World War II, Dr. Montessori flew into London and Miss Homfray picked her up at the airport. Dr. Montessori then lived with Miss Homfray and Phoebe Child while giving Montessori lectures at night. 
During this time, Miss Homfray and Miss Child taught school during the day and consulted with Dr. Montessori at night. In addition, they assisted her and took her to her evening classes.  The Lectures from those classes have been since released in a book titled "The 1946 London Lectures." 
While working together, Miss Homfray, Miss Child, and Dr. Montessori discussed and made plans for establishing a London Montessori Center. As a result,  Dr. Montessori then authorized Miss Homfray and Miss Child to provide Montessori training and sign Montessori diplomas. 
Over time, Miss Homfray, Phoebe Child, and Dr. Montessori collaborated on projects.  Miss Homfray worked with Dr. Montessori in developing a Montessori reading scheme for the teaching of reading in English.  Miss Child specialized in working with elementary school aged children and would spend weekends traveling across the English Channel to discuss curricular ideas with Dr. Montesori.
After Dr. Montessori died in 1952 the London Center was named The St. Nicholas Training Centre for the Montessori Method of Education.   In 1952 Miss Homfay and Miss Child started a correspondence course to enable students to learn the Montessori approach to education from a distance.  In further support for these distant learners, Miss Homfray and Miss Child would travel to America to provide in person  workshops.  In 1978 Miss Homfray and Miss Child then went on to help establish the St. Nicholas Training Center in Ireland and the Montessori World Educational Institute in America and Australia.
Margaret Homfray and Phoebe Child retired from St. Nicholas in 1978.  Dr. Blodget invited them to California to help document  Dr. Montessori's work.  Dr. Blodget arranged for Margaret Homfray to teach the Montesssori approach to education at Cal Poly.  Dr. Blodget, Miss Homfray, and Miss Child then worked together to establish the Montessori World Educational Institute.
April 6,1908 - March 7, 1996