The Bells



There are eight bells which correspond to the white notes on the piano
between middle C and high C, mounted on white stands. There are eight
matching bells mounted on brown stands.


The teacher takes a bell and a striker and sits beside the child.
She shows the child how to get a true note by striking the bell on the
rim. She listens to the note dying away. She repeats this once or
twice. Each time she strikes the bell she sings the note. She
shows the child how to stop the sound by putting
a finger gently on the rim of the bell.


The child has the bell striker. The child chooses a bell and
practices striking it. He or she listens to the note and tries to sing
the note.


Most very young children do not sing it in tune. They must
never be corrected or made to stop singing. With practice and
through listening to simple notes, all children gradually sing in


To let the children have the experience of listening to single


Pairing The Bells


The child has already listened to single notes and has learned how
to strike the bells.


The teacher places 4 bells, the white and brown G and C, on a
table, with white to one side and brown to the other side. She
strikes both Cs slowly. Then she strikes C and G. She strikes the
two Cs and puts them together saying, "They are the same." She
repeats for the two Gs. She strikes both pairs again, softly
singing the notes. She mixes the bells and encourages the child to
pair them. When the child understands the exercises, he or she can work


The child pairs the bells. When the child can pair four bells, he or she
can take more pairs from the bell table. The child takes the bells he or she
wants to pair off the bell table and places them on another
table. The child arranges them in two groups according to color. The child pairs
the brown ones with the corresponding white ones until he or she can pair
them all. The teacher encourages the child to sing the note softly when
he or she strikes a bell. When the child is pairing all the bells well, he or she can
have the black and brown bells corresponding to the sharps and
flats to pair, also.


Musical training
Development of the sense of hearing


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