Exploring the Senses of Smell and Taste

The senses of taste and smell are interrelated. These two senses are really special for children.

Smell Bottles

Children enjoy activities that help them further develop their sense of smell. It is helpful to give them different pleasant things to smell. One way to help children is to isolate pleasant smells into different bottles. The children can take a set, choose a particular bottle, take off its cap, and sniff. After they explore one set, they can then take two matching sets and try to match bottles from the two sets by using their sense of smell.


Sense of Taste

Children also enjoy activities which draw their attention to their sense of taste. They can learn about a food, learn to prepare it for eating, and then taste the food. Comparing similar foods draws their attention to subtle differences in taste. For example, children may enjoy feeling and looking at several different melons. Then, they could learn to cut out little melon balls and then compare the differences in taste between the different melons. A similar activity could be done with different varieties of apples.

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