Sorting Trays - Stereognostic Sense I

(To recognize by shape or size)



A number of collections of small objects, which vary either in
shape or size. The objects used can often be found in the home, or
otherwise bought inexpensively.
The collections can be graded in difficulty. They should start
with two types to a set and later have three, four, or even five types
to a set. In the first sets, the objects will be fairly large.
Sets of small, attractive dishes and plain trays will be needed.
There will be one container in the middle of each tray large
enough to contain all the objects to be sorted. There will be
smaller dishes around this one: one dish for each type of object
to be sorted. Each type of object will be a different color from the
other types in the set.

Suggested Collections

1. Two types of buttons differing in shape. As the child becomes
proficient he or she can use 3 or 4 types.
2. Two types of buttons, different in size. Later 3 or 4 sizes.
3. Two different kinds of beads different in size and shape. Later
3 or 4 kinds.
4. Different shapes of macaroni.
5. Different kinds of beans or seeds.
6. Small wooden objects such as cubes and cylinders.
7. Types of nuts - Brazil nuts, walnuts, etc.
8. Rice and barley (when the child is really proficient).
A blindfold made of white cotton cloth with a piece of elastic to
go behind the ears is provided for those children who would like to use it.
Note: When introducing the blindfold for the fist time in a class
the teacher should choose an extrovert who enjoys new experiences.
This child will like using the blindfold and others will then want
the same experience. Never insist on the use of a blindfold.


The teacher takes a tray with a collection of two types of objects
which differ in shape (e.g. large round wooden beads and square wooden
beads). The teacher shows the child to feel the objects and separate
them by shape into the two little dishes. The child does this without
the blindfold at first. He or she separates, therefore, by touch and color.
When the child understands the exercise, he or she can try to separate the two sizes
by touch only, wearing the blindfold.
The child can take any collection and sort by touch.


Color. When the blindfold is removed, if all the same type are in
a dish, they will be the same color.

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