Developing Intelligence


This course of study consists of a sequence of lectures, demonstrations, and presentations by Margaret Homfray, who was authorized by Dr. Maria Montessori to provide training in the Montessori approach to education, and given written authorization from Dr. Montessori to sign Montessori Diplomas. 

Fortunately, before retiring, Miss Homfray gave permission for her presentations to be video taped.  This enables the viewer to see first hand the presentations as given by a primary source who worked closely with Dr. Montessori for over 20 years.  Miss Homfray first studied with Dr. Montessori in the London course given in 1929.  She then served as one of the English translators for the course given in Rome in 1930.  She then continued to work with Dr. Montessori through the 1930’s and later picked Dr. Montessori up at the airport in London after Dr. Montessori’s stay in India during World War II.  Dr. Montessori then lived with Miss Homfray in London for a period of time while they set up and conducted a Montessori training program.

This is the first in a series of video courses to be made available from the archives of the Montessori World Educational Institute.  This first course addresses how adults can facilitate children’s development of intelligence. In this course, the viewer will see demonstrations of the sensorial and practical life curricula.  The course consists of 23 presentations with each presentation lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to sightly over an hour.

It is recommended that first time viewers watch the lectures in order.  Links to written lesson plans are provided.

Table of Contents

Introductory Course in the Montessori Approach to Education