Exploring Texture

Children have always been known for touching everything. They love to explore with their sense of touch. They learn through their hands. All one has to do is look and one can see young children reaching out to feel grass, running their hands along wooden banisters, caressing a soft blanket, or enjoying other various textures around them.

Children enjoy challenges which draw their attention to texture and help them refine their sense of touch.

Texture Tablets

In the picture to the left the little boy is attempting to pair tablets by finding tablets which have the same texture. Part of the fun is to try it with eyes closed. When the child believes he or she has found two tablets which have the same texture, the child can open his or her eyes and look to see if they are the same.




Children often like to do things together. In the picture to the right, two children are sharing the texture tablets. This is another way children like to work with the tablets. Often after doing the activity by closing one's eyes, children will become interested in trying the task with a blindfold. This works well with the help of another child. In this case, one child hands tablets to the other blindfolded child.





Children also like to feel the texture of different fabrics and learn their names. They can be given a box containing matching pairs of fabric. The children like to put on a blindfold and attempt to pair them by touch. Depending upon the fabrics chosen, this can be quite challenging.



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