Montessori World Educational Institute
Programs for Teacher and Parents
Optional Methods of Study
The Montessori World Educational Institute provides several options for persons interested in learning effective ways to help children develop their potential.
1Summer Vacation Workshops
2)  Weekend Workshops
3)  Requested Workshops in Local Communities
4)  Online Home Study
5)  Residency Program on California Cental Coast
6)  Customized Sessions by Request
Diploma, Internship, Examination
Institute Courses and classes are open to all students who choose to register. The Institute is founded on the belief that everyone should have access to information.  However, that does not guarantee or promise that everyone will quallify to receive a diploma or course credit. 
Students may register for any individual course or sequence of courses. Courses are offerred as an opportunity.  Student may choose what they want to pursue and may, or may not, choose to pursue a diploma, course credit, or takes exams, 
By default, Institute courses are credit/no-credit.  As an option, students may register to get credit from the University of California, Santa Barbara for an extra fee. Students must make that choice upon registering for the course.  Students may choose to work for a grade, or take a course for credit or non-credit.  Students who wish to receive a transcript of a grade or grades must apply for University credit. Read More.
As an option, students may choose to work toward a diploma for the pre-primary level, the primary level, or the elementary aged level.  For this, students must meet the requirements for taking an exam for the diploma and pay an examination fee. Read More.