Montessori World Educational Institute
Programs for Teacher and Parents
Optional Methods of Study
Online Home Study
In addition to the workshop courses, diploma students are required to take a 9 month Home Study Program.  This Home Study program covers:
1)  Montessori theory, philosophy, and science. 
2)  It also covers a discussion of practice and includes the digital copies of the required curriculum manuals that support the curriculum workshops. 
3)  In addition, it provides video recordings of Margaret Homfray's presentations and demonstrations that were part of the workshops she conducted.  Margaret Homfray was authorized by Dr. Montessori to provide Montessori training and sign Montessori Diplomas. 
4)  And, the Home Study Program also includes an assigned personal mentor to answer questions and provide feedback on assignments. 
5)  Students who study the video lessons and the matching written lesson plans in the manuals, and who have access to materials in a school with which to practice, may submit videos of their practice with materials to their mentor for feedback.  If and when the mentor approves their readiness, the mentor could recommend the student as ready to take the exam for the diploma without having taken workshops.  An alternative to submitting videos is to sign up for mini weekend practice sessions which provides an opportunity to practice with materials and receive feedback. This requires much less time than full workshops.   However full workshops are highly recommended.