Montessori World Educational Institute
Cultural Subjects
The subjects covered in Cultural Subjects are the subjects that vary from region to region.  These include music, art, handwork, geography, history, and botany and zoology.
First Knowledge of the Earth
Continent Folders
Puzzle Maps
Land and Water forms
Flags of the World
Our solar system
Phases of the Moon
Exercises for the Intuition of Time, Introduction
Introduction of the Calendar
Months of the Year
Days of the Week
Class Diary
The Child in His or her Family
Personal Time Lines
Division of a Day
What Year are We In? Time Line
Stages in the Progress of Civilization
Interependencies of Human Beings in Society
Botany and Zoology Overview
Botany, Introduction
The Plant
Parts of the Plant
Types of Roots
Parts of the Root
Swollen Roots
The Stem
Types of Stems
Types of Aerial Stems
Subterranean Stems (Introduction)
Types of Subterranean Stems
Parts of the Stem
The Bud
The Leaf
Types of leaves
Types of Veins
Shapes of Leaves
Borders of Leaves
The Parts of the Flower
Shapes of Corollas
Parts of the Seed
Seed Dispersal
Simple Classification
Introduction to Zoology
Nature Study of Animals
Parts of Animals
Nature Study of Animals part 2
Phyla of the Kingdom Animalia
Animal Riddles
Written Lesson Plans