Montessori World Educational Institute
Upper Elementary Ages 9-12
Upper Elementary 9-12 
(Prerequisite: Pre-Primary, Primary, and Lower Elementary)
Elementary Math II, 9-12, 
This course presents cross multiplication and multiples and factors to an abstract level, decimals, powers, square and square roots, cubing and cube root, beginning algebra, principle, interest and rate, time velocity and distance, and negative numbers.
Geometry II, 9-12
This course presents a continuing study of congruency, similarity and equivalency. It also covers transitivity, ratio of figures, derivation of formulas for area, study of area through the circle and the study of volume through the sphere. 30 hours.
Language and Biology II, 9-12 
Techniques and materials for teaching clause analysis, creative writing and reserach skills will be presented, along with the study of literature, poetry and drama and the biographies of great people. The biology segment includes detailed nomenclature and classification of the plant kingdom and seconde level vital functions of the animal kingdom. It also covers detailed classification, the Tree of Life and The Great River-a study of human biology. 30 hours.
Geography and History II, 9-12
Further details of land and water forms, with emphasis upon mountains and rivers, plate tectonics, extended study of the nation, and The Great River as applied to world economic geography will be presented. The history segment will include second level time line presentations and in depth studies of prehistory and Early Man. Extended research into Great Civilizations will be guided through the use of history Question Charts as well as the parallel development of American or national history in its political and economic aspects. 30 hours.