Montessori World Educational Institute
Montessori Curriculum
1.  Practical Life  - Development of Independence
2.  Sensorial - Development of Intelligence
3.  Beginning Math
4.  Primary Math
5.  Beginning Reading
7.  Primary Grammar
8.  Music
9.  Handwork
10.  Cultural Subjects
6.  Beginning Reading Books for Children
The Montessori World Educational Institute provides resources for people interested in learning more about the work of Maria Montessori.  These resources can be accessed for Independent Study or Guided Study
Independent Study.  The public is welcome to access the reference resources below and study them on their own without having to meet any requirements or pay any fees.  This enables people, who are not interested in receiving certification, to learn more about the Montessori approach to education.  See Recommendations.
Guided Study.  For people interested in a more structured and guided study of the Montessori approach to education, and who may need, or want certification, the Institute provides a number of options for a Guided Study of Montessori.  See Options
Reference Materials
Video Recordings and Written Lesson Plans