Montessori World Educational Institute
Programs for Teacher and Parents
Optional Methods of Study
Summer Vacation Workshops
Workshops are scheduled each summer along the Central Coast of California.
Each workshop runs from Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm with an hour for lunch.  Students will have time to enjoy visiting along the central coast.
Each workshop provides demonstrations in the use of materials and then provides participants an opportunity to work with the materials, ask questions, and receive feedback on practice. 
For participants who wish to complete study through the Primary level, students can either take all 4 weeks, or can divide up their study.  Many students choose to master the Pre-Primary Level before moving onto the Primary Level since the Pre-Primary is a prerequiste to the Primary.
The first week focuses on the development of intelligence with a course covering Sensorial and Practical Life. 
The second week covers Beginning Math and Reading at the Pre-Primary Level. 
The third week covers Primary Math and Grammar. 
The fourth week covers Cultural Subjects. 
Other weeks are scheduled for those ready to study the elementary level. 
Summer Workshop Schedule