Montessori World Educational Institute
Lower Elementary
Lower Elementary (6-9)  For pricing see Elementary Registration
(Prerequisite: Course I)
Course II Home Study Program, 6-9
The Elementary Home Study Program is designed to allow students to study Montessori education philosophy and theory of child development through a self-directed tutorial program. This program provides the services of an experienced Montessori teacher with whom students correspond by mail, a study guide with assignments and step-by-step clearly illustrated manuals.
Elementary Math I, 6-9 
This elementary education course presents the arithmetic sequence from an overview of the decimal system through development of understanding of the math facts and the four basic operations at concept and symbolic levels. The study of multiples, factors, divisibility and fractions are included. 30 hours.
Elementary Geometry I, 6-9 
This course presents the basic concepts of geometry from point to solid, plus a detailed study of plane figures, the concepts of congruency, similarity and equivalency and the basic study of area, from concrete material through derivation of formulas. 30 hours.
Language and Biology I, 6-9
This course presents an experimental study of the parts of speech, word study and sentence analysis through compound sentences. An intensive study of the verb and classification of nouns, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns, as well as written and spoken language and literature is included. The biology component emphasizes the detailed study of plant and animal kingdoms through classification and the study of vital functions. 30 hours.
Geography and History I, 6-9
These subjects are unified around the study of the Universe, its history and physical characteristics, using experiments and time lines. Included are the studies of prehistory, early man and civilizations, as well as a parallel study of national history through exploration and colonization. 30 hours.