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Montessori Curriculum
Recommended Sequence of Study for Independent Study
Since there is so much information available about Maria Montessoir's work, it would be natural to ask where to begin.  It may be tempting to start by looking at specific lessons or subjects.  However, since lessons build upon each other, and to be effective, lessons need to be presented with an understanding of their developmental nature, and the nature of children, they are best studied in sequence as part of the whole. In order for the whole to have meaning, it is necessary to understand the process, the sequence, the techniques, the needs of the children being addressed, and the wisdom of how to most effedtively facilitate children's learning and development.  You have to have an understanding of this whole in order to understand and use any of the lessons effectively.
For effective independent study, the Institute recommends use of the following sequence of resources for the Pre-Primary Level (ages 3 to 6).  If you are interested in the Montessori approach for working with older children, the Pre-Primary material provides an essential foundation upon which the work with older children is built.  So, the Pre-Primay material is an important part of the overall sequence which should not be missed.
1) Read  the first 3 chapters in Maria Montessori, Her Life and Work, by E.M. Standing.
2)  Watch the video recordings of the Introductory Course in the Montessori Approach to Education.
      Use the Sensorial Reference Manual and Practical Life Reference Manual for reference.
3)  Watch the video recordings of Beginning Math
      Use the Beginning Math Manual for reference.
4)  Watch the video recordings of  Beginning Reading.
      Use the Beginning Reading Manual for reference.
5)  Read Handwork and make a sample of each of the Handwork Activities.
6)  Read Music Education and learn to set up a music listening station, beginning dance activities, beginning songs, and activities for helping children learn to play musical instruments and play the Dulcimer.
7)  Read Cultural Subjects.
Primary Level
1)  Watch the video recordings of the Primary Math Course
       Use the Primary Math Reference Manual for reference.
2)  Watch the video recordings of the Primary Grammar Course.