For the Visual Sense

Exploring Dimension - Overview

The Cylinder Blocks
The Pink Tower
The Broad Stair
The Long Rods
The Knobless Cylinders

Exploring Color - Overview

General Color Box Lesson
Color Box 1 - The Primary Colors
Color Box 2 - The Secondary Colors
Color Box 3 - Graduations of Colors

Exploring Shape - Overview

Plane Figures
1. The Geometric Cabinet
2. The Geometric Cards
3. Tessellations
4. Constructive Triangles
Solid Figures
5. Geometric Solids
Plato's Five Regular Polyhedra and Archimedean Polyhedra

Pattern - Overview

The Binomial Cube
The Trinomial Cube


For the Auditory Sense

Exploring Tone (Timbre) - Overview

The Sound Cylinder Boxes

Exploring Pitch - Overview

The Bells


For the Sense of Touch

Exploring Texture - Overview

General Texture Lesson
Rough and Smooth Boards
Texture Board
Touch Pairing Tablets
The Fabrics

Exploring Weight - Overview

The Baric Tablets

Exploring Temperature

Experience With Temperature

Exploring Three Dimensions - Overview

Sorting Trays
Mystery Bag


For the Senses of Smell and Taste

Exploring Smell and Taste - Overview

The Smelling Bottles
Experience With Tasting


Introducing Vocabulary

The Three Period Lesson

The Three Period Lesson


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