Table of Contents (Practical Life)

Pictorial Index of Sample Practical Life Activities


Importance of Practical Life Activities
Practical Life Exercises

Care of the Environment

Care of Surfaces

Wringing a Wet Cloth
Washing a Formica Surface
Washing Painted Surfaces
Washing an Unpainted, Unvarnished Wooden Table
Washing a Vinyl Floor
Mopping a Vinyl or Tile Floor
Sweeping With a Long Broom
Care of Carpeted Areas
Care of the Carpet Sweeper

Care of Materials

Polishing Brass
Washing Cotton or Linen
Washing Dusters, Tea Cloths, Cloth Aprons, etc.
Washing a Vinyl Apron
Folding Cloth or Napkins
Washing Pots and Pans
Washing Glass
Washing Silverware
Washing China
Washing a Mixed Collection of Dishes

Care of Plants and Animals

Care of House Plants
Flower Arranging
The Garden
Care of an Animal

Care of the Person


Washing Hands
Washing Face
Blowing Nose
Brushing Teeth
Combing, Brushing, Braiding Hair
Care of Finger Nails
Additional Activities For The Home


Dressing Frames
Button Frame
Snapping Frame
Hook and Eye Frame
Buckling Frame with Buckle and Strap
Bow Tying Frame
Shoe Lacing Frame
Zipper Frame

Preparing Food

Learning How To Use Kitchen Tools
Learning How To Use Kitchen Tools - Blunt Knife
Managing Containers
Learning How To Use a Spoon
Using a Bulb Baster
Using a Grater
Learning How To Shake a Bottle
Pouring Exercises
Liquid Measure
Dry Measure
Short Crust Pastry
Preparing Vegetables - Peas
Scraping Carrots

Summary of Typical Activities

Grace and Courtesy

Walking On The Line

The Silence Lesson


Table of Contents (Margaret Homfray)
Pictorial Index of Sample Practical Life Activities
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